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A matter of scale

Joseph Grima takes a drive from Amsterdam to Rotterdam with Rem Koolhaas to talk about domesticity, design and Tools for Life, his first furniture collection, recently presented by Knoll International.


Design / Joseph Grima


Engineering and tradition

A foray into the office of Junya Ishigami in Tokyo reveals new aspects of his design philosophy, intent on creating architectural experiences poised between engineering challenges and simple gestures


Architecture / Joseph Grima

Collateral Landscape

Milan-based architect and photographer Antonio Ottomanelli maps the forces unleashed following the events of September 11, 2001, which cast distant realities — Kabul, Baghdad, Sadr City, Herat, Dokan, New York City, Gaza — into a "state of entanglement".


Photo-essays / Antonio Ottomanelli


Hello World

Hello World is Alice Rawsthorn’s latest chapter in her campaign for the culture of design to be recognised broadly as a cornerstone of society, and not only within design-related circles.


Reviews / Joseph Grima


Really sustainable?

Domus sits with Belgian collective Rotor to discuss how the moral question of sustainability is lived out in contemporary production, both within and beyond the realm of architecture and design, and unveils the story behind the cover of the March issue.


Interviews / Joseph Grima

Null Object

In a poetic application of technology, Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson (London Fieldworks) asked German artist Gustav Metzger to think about nothing, using the resulting encephalogram data to carve a block of limestone with an industrial robot. The resulting work, Thinking About Nothing, was reproduced on the cover of Domus 965.


Interviews / Joseph Grima