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A Bakema celebration

With a successful and very graphic installation by Experimental Jetset, the Dutch pavilion curated by da Guus Beumer and Dirk van den Heuvel offers a portrayal of the brilliant Jaap Bakema and seeks out the traces of his idea of open society in the present.


Architecture / Elena Sommariva


Grafting Architecture

Located between the Arsenale and the Giardini, the Catalan Pavilion stands out for the excellence of its research and its designs: 16 virtuous examples – from Jujol to the present day – of a single considerate and delicate attitude to the history and culture of a place. Because we are never the first to arrive. 


Architecture / Elena Sommariva

Design dialogues

With an intensive four-day workshop involving six young designers and a group of students, Barbara Brondi and Marco Rainò use design to trigger a debate on current issues.


Design / Elena Sommariva


Natevo: lighting up change

Massimiliano Messina explains to Domus the premises underpinning Natevo and takes stock three months after the launch of the call for ideas inviting designers to design a piece of furniture incorporating a light.


Interviews / Elena Sommariva


Jasper Morrison: Please

With the arrival in the shops of the Please watches, Morrison tells Domus how the design for the Issey Miyake Watch came about, a tribute to the pleated garments created 20 years ago.


News / Elena Sommariva

b3, the wabi-sabi kitchen

Marc O. Eckert talks about the state of the art at Bulthaup and the philosophy behind the b3 system that puts the kitchen back at the centre of the home and the human being at the centre of the kitchen.


News / Elena Sommariva