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Ettore Moni, Case sospese

“Suspended” Homes

Ettore Moni adopts an anthropological gaze and analog equipment to describe the "suspended" dwellings along the banks of Italy’s largest river – the Po.


Photo-essays / Ettore Moni

“Architectural and anthropological research along the banks of the River Po, conscious of the landscape but focusing primarily on where people live. Pile-dwellings, barges and flatboats resembling beached whales.

Homes suspended in a world apart. Details on the edge of the city, exposed because the focal point – the dwellings beside the mighty watercourse. Homes torn between the constantly moving mass and a natural human desire for roots; between the tales of a never-ending story and the metaphorical signs of a time gone but not forgotten. Exploring a landscape shaped by the force of the River Po.”

This is how Ettore Moni describes his photographic project, currently – until 11 April – on display in Parma. The photographs in this series were taken with a view camera and have not been retouched.


Ettore Moni (Parma, 1967) has lived and worked extensively in New York as a fashion photographer and producing nude and portrait studies. His work has been published in D – La Repubblica, Anna, Kult, Sport&Street, Sportswear International and Pig. He has recently turned his attention to Italian history and landscape.