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WY-TO architects, Light Folds, Paris, 2016

Light Folds

The atelier of a painter in Paris has been updated by WY-TO architects to optimize heating in winter, through a workshop wihin the workshop that echoes the existing canopy.



In the heart of a paved courtyard in Paris WY-TO architects renovated the studio of a painter that occupies a magnificent 1900 glass canopy. Being very generous, the space needed a subdivision to optimize heating in winter, thus creating a workshop within the workshop.


The quality of natural lighting, precious to the artist, is preserved thanks to the fan-shaped geometry of the new structure. When the facades of the volume open, space becomes one: it becomes vast and generous again. While welcoming an exhibition space, the mezzanine offers a new relationship to the canopy and provides a general view of the place. The new workshop echoes the lines of the canopy according to the rhythm of the glass roof and the facades with polycarbonate elements.

Light Folds, Paris, France
Program: renovation
Architects: Pauline Gaudry – WY-TO architects
Area: 70 sqm
Completion: 2016