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Best of #Japan

Japanese architects have a common taste in choosing materials and geometries: here a selection of projects published on



Small spaces, generous use of wood, purity of lines are some of the ingredients of the contemporary Japanese architects’ projects both when building, refurbishing or designing a shop.

– Shigeru Ban Architects conceived this house in Japan as part of an ongoing study on Mies Van der Rohe’s work.

– Case-Real use a particular local stone to express the poetry of the surroundings for the new Aesop shop in Sapporo.

– For the three storey 4 columns house in Tokyo, FT Architetcs took inspiration from the Kura, traditional Japanese storehouses, in order to better organize the internal space and distribution.

– The house APOLLO Architects & Associates designed for an art collector in Japan is an hybrid structure with a podium and wooden boxes organized in two floor levels on top.

– A refurbishment intervention tells the story of Saito House, the way it was built and its age, making everything visible in the interiors.

– For the renovation of an apartment in Tokyo for a young couple, Ryohei Tanaka / G architects studio uses touches of colour – red and blue – to give a playful taste to the couple’s new life.

– For a hand-forged knives manufacturer, Yusuke Seki designed a sophisticated shop using wood, that recalls the cutting board, concrete and a touch of blue.

– Using the height, Coo planning designed a house in Osaka, clad in vertical timber panels that maximize the space on a very, very small corner plot.

– Near a Torii gate in a typical Japanese rural landscape, the house designed by FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects is a white U-shaped building that blends with the scenery.

– The simple gesture of inserting a curved plywood structure creates a new space, while maintaining the history of this traditional Japanese house in Hyogo, refurbished by Tato Architects.

Top: FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects, Courtyard house, Shiga, Japan