Op-ed - Domus

On awareness

In February editorial Nicola Di Battista analyses the moment of awareness, the first of the four to take in consideration in the architectural process.


Editorial / Nicola Di Battista


For a theory of design

The 1009 issue’s editorial discusses how a design theory has to be formulated to become a common thought for architects responding to the contemporaneity needs.


Editorial / Nicola Di Battista

Continuing to make Rome

Nicola Di Battista goes back to last month’s editorial theme because “we are obliged to continue to make Rome”.


Editorial / Nicola Di Battista


Habitat III

The New Urban Agenda signed in Quito, quietly, includes the “right to the city” –  a new form of property –, claimed by the millions that at the moment do not have it.


Architecture / Maria Luisa Palumbo

If Rome isn’t Rome

In November’s editorial Nicola Di Battista calls to action citizens and politicians for reviving Rome. Without its capital the entire country is suffering.


Editorial / Nicola Di Battista

Reconstruction is an exquisitely cultural issue

The reconstruction in the territory of Amatrice, devastated by the quake in August, should be afforded having previously seriously defined what does it mean.